Marcie Love!

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  1. IMG_4317.JPG
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  2. Classic, can't go wrong with it. Congrats!
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  3. beautiful color...I used to think that all brown tints are more suitable for autumn but this one is perfect for spring and summer time:heart::heart::heart:
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  4. Damn I love that bag
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  5. Thank you all! It’s Dusty Yellow! Hard to capture color with camera!
  6. Hooked on the Marcie train! Just ordered green medium hobo from RealReal! IMG_4330.JPG
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  7. Be careful, they have A LOT of fakes on their website and all handbags are final sale.
  8. Thank you! I’ll see what gives on Thursday when it’s supposed to arrive!
  9. Well this bag hasn’t updated it’s tracking in 4 days! Weird!
  10. REALLY? Any stories here on FB? I've bought from them quite a bit and so far everything checked out, but i typically go for NWT bags :sad:
  11. Yep, a lot have been deemed to be fake here on the forum. It doesn’t matter if they are preowned or new with tags they can still be fake and they sell fake ones.
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  12. Oy vey. I guess Imma start looking through my stuff! Thanks for the warning
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  13. Well mine is arriving today, as I have owned other Marcie’s I should be able to tell right off about its authenticity! I’ll weigh in once I receive it!
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  14. Well it came! It had a major flaw, stitching coming undone on bottom. Plus it smelled and feeled like pleather! Really have bad vibes! They accepted the return and it will go back tomorrow! Really smelled of chemicals, not leather. My paraty and Faye smell of leather, like an expensive shoe store.
    This smelled like a rubber type of material!
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  15. No more realreal purchases!
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