Marcie large satchel: keep or not?

  1. Hi! For my birthday I've purchased from NAP a large Marcie satchel in nut and I love it, but the handles are too hard and I feel pain on the shoulder (I'm very thiny...) What do you think? I return it :sad: or the handles will be "soft" and fit perfectly my shoulder?
    Thank you
  2. The straps will soften up with use and sits comfortable on the shoulder. I think the large is a great size!
  3. I own the same exact bag and my shoulders are thin as well and I understand what you mean. The shoulder straps I agree are hard and they have softened slightly with wear however they will never go soft like regular bag handles are.
    I loved this bag so much that I was willing to overlook the handles(which Im now so used to and dont bother me at all).
    If you think that the handles will drive you bananas over time then you made the right decision in return it.
  4. Mine have not shoulder strap... but I love it with two handles on the shoulder like a hobo, and I think carry it like a satchel for me it's impossible... Too heavy! I'm tempted to return it but I love this style and colour!
  5. The large marcie stachel does not come with shoulder strap.
    I know the small/medium size marcie has a shoulder strap, maybe you can exchange
    it for this size instead and then carry it with the strap which will be more comfortable for you.
  6. I would keep it, The straps probably need to "broken" in.