Marcie in blush - too nude?

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Medium Marcie in blush

  1. Keep it

  2. Send it back

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  1. Dear Chloé - Girls ;)
    Finally I got a Marcie :smile: It´s the medium size in beige/pink. I like her very much, but I´m not sure if the colour is the right colour for me, because it´s more nude than rosé. The size is great, but my LV Néo which I wear a lot has the same size.
    I would love to hear your opinions :ty:




  2. Beautiful bag, from the photos the color looks dusty pink, very soft, and neutral. It really is a gorgeous bag!!
    I just bought and returned the medium Honey, I loved the size, and although I wear a lot of warm colors, the Honey was too yellow.
    If I'm not sure about a new bag, I'll set in somewhere that I have to walk by it on a regular basis and see it in my surroundings, after a day or so, I know whether or not it's a keeper.
    If you're not 100% loving it, then maybe opt for another bag. Good luck with your decision.:smile:
  3. I think it's too nude for what you're wearing. If you were wearing a dark grey or black, or navy, it would set it off, but here the colors are blending a bit. That said, as pretty as the bag is, if you're not sure, that may be a sign. Have you seen the Whiskey?
  4. I think it looks lovely!
  5. I've never coveted the same bag in different colors before until Marcie came along. I have it in brown but want it in pink beige and nut too! I think your pink beige looks good on you and is definitely a keeper.
  6. Keep it, I think it looks great on you, not too nude at all. I love it with your jeans and grey t-shirt, and would wear it with practically the same outfit.
    Its very different from your Noe, so I think they compliment each other.
    I am trying to track down the Pink Beige with the shoulder strap aswell as the top handles.
    Love your little Agenda too, I have the Pochette in the same design!
  7. :yahoo:the pochette is soooo sweet!
  8. That bag is gorgeous!
  9. The bag is gorgeous -I have another question how are the light coloured chloe leathers for colour transfer thats always my worry?
  10. It's a great neutral tone, I love it! Keep her, please! Lol. :heart:
  11. I've got the marcie pink beige from NAP yesterday and I love it. The Color is darker than I thought, the size is perfect and the bag is beautiful. Keep it !
  12. The bag is beautiful. IME the Marcie leather in light colors is only a color transfer problem with unfinished suede edging, which is not the case with this season's bags, right? I had some problems with a now-someone-else's Marcie light pink (really nude) Summer 2010 crossbody, but my regular Marcie is fine.
  13. I say keep it!

    Its gooooorrrrggggeeeoooouussss!!!!!
  14. I love it - personally - but I'd say play dressups and see how much you can mix and match it with you clothes etc, and then decide :smile:
  15. I think it's lovely, compliments your coloring very well, too, IMO. Only thing is, do you still have the Paraty in Old Pink? Is it very similar colourwise or not? It is a totally different style, though, so maybe that doesn't count.