Marcie dilema: where to purchase, which color

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  1. I received an email from NM for a gift card promo. If I get a Marcie (med) I can get a $300 gift card but only color available is cocoa.

    Netaporter has marcie in black and it also comes with a shoulder strap which is a plus and it is also $65 more but no tax.

    I do like the cocoa color but I want a nice black bag. I have a rock paraty and a few LV damier ebene. A balenciaga anthra city and a med black chanel flap. I can never carry my chanel flap bc I feel guilty if my MIL was to see it and pple at church would just stare. So I use it when we go on day trips which has died down bc I have a 2 yr old and am prego with the 2nd.

    Also I have not seen this bag IRL and I know one color looks nicer than another. Which color should I get? Tia!
  2. I used the Saks gift certificate offer and got a $450 GC so I can say they are pretty great. That said, you should focus on the bag you will use the most - your absolute first choice. The black Marcie will go with everything. Chloe in black can sometimes take away from the beauty of Chloe leather. Not necessarily in Marcie or Paraty but maybe in Heloise (IMHO). I love the Cocoa color. It sounds like NetaPorter has the Marcie you want - in black and with the strap. Not paying tax is a savings itself.

    I understand on the Chanel. I've always thought I would want a Chanel, but think, besides it being more expensive, I would be self-conscious using it. Chloe is very good for understated elegance. And you can always wear Chanel ballet flats :smile:
  3. ITA, well said, Gatsby. Go with your heart and get the black. The strap will come in handy with the kids, too.
  4. Thanks, but I still can't decide.

    What I really really want is a Marcie in Whiskey.

    Have you guys seen Marcie in black? Is it pretty?
  5. After reviewing the photo...the strap doesn't seem too long. I like my messenger style bag to hit hip level but this seems to hang by the model's waist.

    What do you guys think about the two tone marcie?

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  6. Whiskey is nice and so is the black. Which would match your wardrobe better? The models are very tall on Net-a-porter so take that into consideration :smile:
  7. I think chloe makes the best cognac/whiskey colored bags. Personally I always opt for color, but these bags are way too expensive to buy the one that isn't practical as well. So I say go for the black because you will get more use out of it!:biggrin:
  8. Both colors would fit into my wardrobe nicely. I have a messenger style bag that's all leather in the whiskey color that I use constantly. Not sure if it is bc of the color or the style that makes it easy to wear. It's a no name, well at least not a premier designer bag.

    Has anyone seen a whiskey marcie with shoulder straps other than netaporter?

    What do you guys think of the two tone whiskey?
  9. I like the Whiskey color a lot and think it'd be a nice alternative neutral to black since it seems like you have quite a few black bags :smile:
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    I have the two tone Marcie here is the link scroll down for more photos so you can see its true colour-I'm loving it and its really going with all my wardrobe both neutrals and autumnals. You cannot get this colour anywhere else its an exclusive to NAP so when its gone!

    BTW I had a Chanel I sold it because I wasn't using it that much and I felt I was having to baby it too much
  11. I have the large Marcie satchel in Whiskey and it is truly the most beautiful bag ever (pls dont tell my friends in the Rebecca Minkoff forum I said that..) DH gave it to me for my BDay and it is SO comfortable on my shoulders, holds everything and goes easily from work to play. I honestly believe it is the perfect bag.

    But then my bag addiction kicked in and I had to get another....

    So I bought the large marcie hobo in black from Nordstrom -- I wanted to love it as much as the satchel but I ended up returning it because on me (5'7") it never laid well while on my shoulder and it when it had anything in it, the beautiful stitching and detail on the flap were hidden by the slouchiness of the bag. Also, with even a little bit of stuff in it, the single handle (shoulder strap) on the hobo (as opposed to the 2 handle/straps on the satchel) was actually downright painful to carry. It dug into my shoulder pretty bad so back it went.

    I think my next Marcie purchase will be another full sized satchel in a different color, probably when I win the lottery and can afford another.
  12. carensolomon thank you for that feedback. Last night there was a beautiful beige Large Marcie hobo on Bluefly and I kept looking at it. Caution kicked in and I left it alone but it was about $1100. (with no tax) plus I have a coupon. I was concerned about it getting dirty. I've tried the hobo on in the store and it looks so great but it's stuffed with tissue.
  13. Thats an awesome price on Bluefly but for a bag in the 4 digits price area, I'd be way to afraid of getting it dirty (2 small kids). I'm insanely careful about where I even put my whiskey marcie down and its probably the best case scenario for colors in terms of hiding dirty if it gets that way. I still love the hobo and I look all the time too even though I returned it -- I really just felt like the slouch acutally hid most beautiful details of the bag, and of course how incredibly painful it was to carry even with not so much stuff in it.