Marcie Crossbody mini good mom purse?

Mar 9, 2011
Does anyone own the mini crossbody marcie? I just purchased one today. I am a mom of 2 kiddos and in a month will soon be a mom to 3. So... that means diaper bag coming out again. I was wondering if this would be good to carry with a diaper bag? How do you use this bag?
Thanks so much!!


Dec 31, 2012
I don't have a mini but the are adorable bags ! I think it would be a great idea to have a min bag to carry along with your diaper bag !
Jun 5, 2007
You can fit a surprising amount of stuff in the mini. I have one and I love it. I imagine it would be quite handy to carry with a diaper bag. Its also a very hardy little bag, had mine for two years now and its been out in the rain and used a lot and looks better and better with use.


Mar 1, 2013
I have one too and I love it! I think it will be very handy, since you would probably carry wallet and keys on you. It does fit all my essentials and the leather is very good quality. I think it will go well with diperbag. Most of the moms that I know, wear their own purse purse and have the diperbag on the side. I think the Mini crossbody Marcie will be great!


Jul 21, 2011
Somewhere that's green
It's too small. :smile: Being a Mom I suggest a cute clutch or maybe a wristlet that you can put your essentials in (wallet, keys, phone, maybe sunnies and a lip gloss, etc.) and carry inside your big Mom bag but take out when you just want to dash in to a store for a minute or something. They also function as a convenient purse organizers to quickly switch into a smaller purse when you are out without the kids.