Marcie Color Transfer

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  1. Hi all!

    I’m not a frequent user so please forgive me if this is an incorrect place to post :smile: I recently purchased the small Marcie in Tan after over a year of thinking about it and am obsessed! This is my first “big girl” purse purchase and I want to protect it. I plan on carrying it often and I wear denim a lot. I’ve had color transfer issues in the past with my Kate Spade bags and don’t want to experience that with the Marcie as well. I’ve heard about the Apple Brand spray, but also saw some reviews stating that it flattened the pebbling on some bags. I also have no idea how to use the spray, as I’ve heard some people choose to rub it in vs directly spraying it. I’ve also heard about Collonil, but don’t know much about it. I’m also curious to hear if anyone has experience with the small Marcie and color transfer. I am aware of the Chloé thread focused on taking care of Chloé bags, but unfortunately did not find much information on there about preventing color transfer and on specific ways to protect the small Marcie.

    I would appreciate any advice, experiences, or recommendations. Thank you!
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  2. Post a pic of the bag so we can see the colour - i cant remember all the colours. If you wear a lot of dark clothes, you should just be generally careful of wearing dark new denim. That's usually the culprit - denim. I believe the only true barrier for colour transfer is waterproofing spray.
    Someone in the forum who works in the leather care/shoe/bag care industry said that here. You wouldn't need to spray the whole bag, just back and sides i think. Its a personal choice, you could inquire at a leather specialist as well (local cobbler). You could make the inquiry online if thats easier. ( This guy has been in business 60 years and whole family works there, they now repair, refurbish, paint designer bags & shoes. They are one of Australia's best.
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