Marcie - classic that can stand the test of time?

  1. Do you think if Marcie can stand the test of time or is it an IT bag that will eventually be phased out?
  2. I think Marcie is definately here to stay! Its a classic hobo design with no bells or whistles that scream "fad" or "too trendy". Its elegant, simple and understated and those are usually the pieces that are around forever :biggrin:
  3. I was put off for years after my experience with the paddington but 3 years later I have recently purchased my first Marcie & Paraty & I think both bags are here to stay & agree with bunnches that its not too fussy so I think it will be around for a long time.
  4. Hmmmm....still not sure about Marcie. It was actually the Marcie that first got me into Chloe, but then I saw the Paraty shortly after doing more research and jumped ship real quick and have never looked back. Paraty I feel will become a classic but don't think I can say the same about the Marcie. This is just my opinion, maybe Marcie will prove me wrong :graucho:
  5. Yes, I think it'll endure the test of time. To me when I think of Chloe, the three bags that come to mind are: Silverado, Paraty and Marcie.
  6. the only 2 bags that i love from chloe are paraty n marcie..
  7. Marcie will be one of the classic of Chloe :smile:
  8. I agree that Marcie will become a classic for Chloe. They are simple and timeless. They're holding their price very well at resale as well.
  9. I hope they do hold their value as I want to sell my barely used large Marcie black hobo and buy a medium brown/tan marcie shoulder bag instead.I do love the classic look of the black hobo but the large is just too large!
  10. I hope it will become a classic, but I will love my Marcie forever regardless.
  11. Yep, I was just thinking today how I don't think I'd ever wanna sell it...It's classic!
  12. i'm working on getting my first marcie & totally agree w/ you about loving it regardless of whether it becomes a classic or not. however, i do think it will be a classic.

  13. I'm glad you feel the same way. I'm thinking it will become a classic though too.