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  1. Cloudy Blue is an awesome color. I got Cloudy Blue in the Faye and it is one of my fave colors in my collection.
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  2. I recently added a pre-loved medium nut Marcie satchel to my collection and I LOVE it! I wanted a go-anywhere bag that I don’t have to baby as much as some of my LV or Gucci, so that’s why I looked pre-loved and found one in excellent condition. I thought the nut color was discontinued, but Neiman Marcus had it in-store two weeks ago. The style is amazing. The leather makes you want to hug her. And she is definitely getting full baby treatment, not cause she couldn’t handle a little toughness, but because she’s that darn perfect. Go for Marcie! Such a classic and you will not regret it!
  3. Embarrassed to say that I have a collection of Marcies. It is the best and most used bag I own. I have several medium (in various colors) and one small in Dhalia Red. I also own a couple of the cross body bags which I also highly recommend. THE BEST and worth every penny. The Marcie is beautiful, timeless, and only gets better with age!
  4. I’m new, so I hope I’m quoting correctly, but how does your Marcie hold up with kid stuff? I got mine last year but only use it for date nights, or when I don’t need to take kid stuff with me, which unfortunately, isn’t too often! I’m just too scared to use it for everyday, but maybe should just go for it!

    ETA- I quote wrong, but to the OP, I love the Marcie and feel like it’s pretty timeless
  5. I don't tote around food or drinks in any of these bags bc they are expensive! But I definitely use them everyday when I'm out and about w the kids. This includes work, school, sporting events. They have been everywhere. They are very durable bags. I encourage you to use yours as an everyday bag too! I think that's what they are intended for. It's a very casual classic design...
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  6. I love my Marcie. I just bought a medium in black and it's the perfect size for me.
  7. Just bought a red Marcie hobo in medium![emoji16]
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  8. I bought a Medium Satchel in Tan preloved months ago, but haven't carried it until this weekend because to me it looks like a fall/winter bag. It's so perfect for my style and the kind of places I go. Went to lunch with DH yesterday, and caught him checking it out while he was waiting for me to get ready to go. He later commented that he liked my bag, and that it's "cooler" than my other bags.
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  9. I bought my Marcie before kids, but, I actually keep kid stuff in mine currently. Usually a silicone bag of crackers or cookies and a pouch of some sort. I DO put my son's water bottle inside, but, only after I discovered a really secure one with a locking mechanism. I am also sure to keep tissues inside in case of mess and I make sure everything is clean/not leaking. It's a great, durable bag and it really lends itself to being a "mommy bag" due to the thick leather, generous size, ease of getting the front flap open and crossbody style.

    I will say it's a little heavy once the snacks and drinks are inside for me and I have turned towards lighter crossbody bags so my shoulders don't ache like crazy.

  10. I purchased a preloved large marcie hobo in Garnet a while ago. It is heavy but oh so beautiful. One of my favorites- and I get the most compliments on it too! Enjoy!!
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  11. Medium is really quite light! I’m very happy with her!
  12. wonder if you were able to sell all 3 bags or no? what colors did you sell?
  13. I just bought a second Marcie in as many months, this time a preloved strawberry red crossbody. I fell in love with the colour.

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  14. Hi ladies....just bought a medium marcie crossbody from fashionphile and was wondering (since I’m not sure how old it is) it sort of bothers me the way the flap hangs down more than the bag. I was wondering if anyone has purchased a newer one, if Chloe has corrected the problem. Thanks!!
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  15. 258D223C-9175-4F11-AD4B-E88B5486890D.jpeg Here is an example of what I’m talking about
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