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  1. Hi all, I am new to Chloe bags but I just love the medium Marcie Bag. It reminds me of my favorite Tory Burch bag I love and wore out. That was then and this is now! Chloe bags are lovely. Unfortunately most are way to small for me and so I keep looking at the medium Marcie Bag. It's three times what my Tory cost and I'm wondering if it's still an "it" bag and would I love it?

    Thank you all for your consideration. Hugs, ~Suz.
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  2. I honestly don´t care if a bag is considered "it" or not. Most important for me is functionality (does it fit my lifestyle) and design. If I love it I use it.
  3. Marcie has surpassed "it" bag status and has, IMO, become a classic - which makes it a far better investment as a staple piece in a wardrobe than something more trendy. It is my favorite bag that I own.
  5. Thank you for your comment. I guess I hadn't thought of it that way, by it has definitely become a classic. Actually, leaving to look at it at Nordstroms. Now what color? Hahaha
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  6. I recently bought a Marcie because it is gorgeous and everything I needed in a bag as a mother of two kids under two (roomy, indestructible, three ways to carry). I have no interest in "it" bags and agree that the Marcie is a new classic. Plus, I love Chloe. All my Chloe bags have held up beautifully over the years. IMG_20170901_145353_405.jpg
  7. Love the color of your Marcie!
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  8. I have 3....was planning to sell. I love them but I just don't carry them anymore. Then evil bay resale value is so disheartening.
  9. Pondering my first Chloe purchase as well and my eye is on the medium Marcie Satchel in tan. I don't usually go for bags this large but it's such a classic and I know it will get lots of use in my collection. I love the simple but elegant Chloe style.
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  10. I have just purchased the medium marcie in cashmere grey and I have been eyeing on it for such a long time. I find them so functional and am keen to purchase another color sometime. I am worried that the Chloe bags design will change drastically since the chief designer has left wouldn't be the first time that classic designs are discontinued and brands are reinvented by the new designers... do you have any thoughts?
  11. The Marcie goes back to before Claire Waight Keller was at Chloe (now at Givenchy) so it may be here to stay. I totally loved the bag designs she did for Chloe and I hope they keep some of that aesthetic going forward. But I also hope they keep Marcie around too!
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  12. Thank you! so glad to hear that!! her bag designs are totally stunning indeed.
  13. I have a blush nude, tan and dark velvet marcie I don’t carry. I keep them bc I love the style but I just don’t carry anymore. I’m just worried I will regret selling.....[emoji53]
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  14. Not only do I have multiple Marcie bags that I have purchased over the years, I am still adding to my Marcie collection because it's such a great bag. I have never owned a style of bag that held up so well and looked as good as it did when I first purchased it. Even though the bag is pricey, I have to say that they are worth every penny.

    I love the Marcie and hope Chloe never stops making it. I'm kind of lusting after that Cloudy Blue.
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  15. Totally agree on lusting after Cloudy Blue! On BAN ISLAND until Christmas-ish so hoping for good colors then. But seriously, this bag is the best so almost any color will do!
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