Marciano - Take 50% Off Already Reduced Prices

  1. The site isn't letting me checkout! Anyone else have this problem? :confused1:
  2. Me too!
  3. yep the stuff isn't showing up 50% off when I add it!
  4. I just tried it and had the same problem! Reading back over their newsletter to me, there was no code needed to obtain the further reduction! I just emailed them to inquire about the problem.
  5. The prices are marked already.
  6. Still the prices aren't that bad. BTW...what's with all the jumpsuits??
  7. Then the ad is somewhat misleading ....don't you agree? It says 'Take an additional 50% off...
  8. The prices are definitely already marked...but once I've added them to my shopping bag, the system won't let me actually checkout!!! I guess it's a sign I should just put my wallet away and step away from the computer... ;)
  9. bagachondriac, I completely agree. An "additional 50% off" should be -in addition to- the prices shown.
  10. Now the thing I want is gone!

  11. Has anyone wanting to place an order called the store? They have yet to respond to my email.
  12. Okay ladies...I just called the store and was informed that there is no additional 50% was a misprint!! Can you believe that? According to the young lady with whom I spoke, they have received many phone calls today regarding this sale.
  13. Thank for sharing.