Marcia is here!

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  1. I got my Marcia today I ordered from I wasn't too happy when I got home and realized the Fed Ex guy left the box by my side door IN THE RAIN!!! He put a plastic bag over it, but the bottom of the box was soaked.

    I was really worried but amazingly somehow the bag and the dustbag did not get wet. Even the box inside the shipping box and the paper stuffing around the inner box were wet! I was pissed a while back when they left a track suit I ordered and I didn't know it was there for ten days, but this is a bag!

    Anyway, somehow my Marcia came out okay, so here are pics. Sorry that they aren't that good and please excuse my pajamas. I've had a long day. Tomorrow I'll try to take some better pics. I love this bag! It's much prettier in person for sure and the smell of the leather is delicious!

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  2. Congratulations! Marcia is gorgeous. It looks really great on you. The browns and gold look stunning with your hair(great hair)! Enjoy.
  3. She is so Beautiful:drool: I am always amazed at the mentality of these delivery companies:cursing: Thank goodness Marcia is safe and sound. Congratulations and enjoy your new Luscious bag:party:
  4. Congratulations..looks gorgeous on you!!
  5. Zophie, I also ordered a Marcia (from Saks) that will be arriving tomorrow. Are you happy with the size of the bag? It was really hard to tell the size of it, as Saks didn't list the dimensions. Does it feel big or just right? I probably shouldn't worry, since I'm 5'11 and even big bags look fine on me, but I don't carry that much except for a wallet, brush, phone and a couple of lipsticks. Thanks for posting your pictures...Marcia's color is absolutely beautiful!
  6. Congratulations! This is a gorgeous bag. I love this shape and this color is really great.
  7. Congratulations!

    I'm so tempted to get a Marcia too - its is gorgeous!
  8. Congrats Zophie. =) It looks good on you.
  9. Wow, I wasn't sure I liked the shape of that bag in the dept. store/boutique pics. But it looks great IRL. That "fan" shape, similar to the YSL Downtown, is sort of growing on me. What a fantastic tote. Congrats Zophie! :yes:
  10. thanks for the compliments. I wasn't even considering this bag until it just happened to go on sale. Now that I have it I love it! It's definitely much prettier in person.

    mkdallas, I'm 5'0" if that helps give a reference to its size. It was actually bigger than I thought it would be but I really like it. It closes at the top with two magnetic snaps and the inside is a fairly good size. I carried it today and have a paperback in there, a large LV wallet, phone, some papers, a few pens, Southwest peanuts, a snack bar, BC headache power, and a bottle of pills and probably a few other misc things. It's a nice size and I could probably fit more in there but that's all I ever really carry.

    I was going to take another pic today but I got too busy and forgot. Definitely looked better with my suit than my pajamas.
  11. Thanks for the info, Zophie. I wasn't considering it either, but it looked so elegant in the website photo, something just sort of came over me. I had to laugh about your reference to "BC headache powder". That's such a southern thing, LOL! Back in my wilder days, I swore by that stuff as the best hangover cure on the planet, if you could swallow it down without throwing up.
  12. oh, I know BC is totally a southern thing. I tried to find it when I was visiting my friend. I think she was in Rochester, NY, at the time, and I couldn't find it anywhere! I was dying. Yeah, it gags me but it works!

    Here are a couple pics I took today in a bathroom mirror. I wish I had people to take pics of me but I can't think of anyone I know who wouldn't laugh if I asked them to take my pic with a new bag.

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  13. Congrats! :smile:
  14. I love this bag, Zophie. Great find :okay:! I keep looking at it and thinking "I CAN'T!" I must ban myself until the end of summer. Wait! But now is the time to get a new fall bag, isnt' it? OH, DEAR! Somebody stop me...
  15. congrats!!