Marcia is here!!!!!!!!! PICS!!!!

  1. Sorry honey..... I just could not resist her beautiful chocolate colour....oohh Marcia......

    Got her for 1650..... me happy:yahoo:..... I will post better pics later....

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!:tup:

    Great bag and it looks perfect on you!
  3. Oooooo congrats. Beautiful.
  4. Wow, gorgeous!!! :nuts:
  5. Really beautiful!!! Love the chocolate colour!
  6. Absolutely beautiful!
  7. Thx girls - I absolutly love her - I think I can use Marcia as an everyday bag or dress up -
  8. I got the same bag. Isn't it pretty in person? so much moreso I thought when I got mine than even in the pics. I'm sure you'll enjoy your Marsha!
  9. Hmmmm. Something is not right here....
  10. ITA:tdown:
  11. It's gorgeous. Congratulations!
  12. ????
    you guys are my "Choo idols"
    What ya thinking?

  13. OMG my heart just stopped.... what is not right... I purchased this at footcandyshoes web.... I remember i asked here in the forum if yall know if that web sold authentic JCs? Samantha & Robyn: yall think is not auth? I have not taken the tag off of her (just in case)....I really really need to know cuz i was thiking in getting the white mahala from them too
  14. Gris, the interior lilac tag is what is making me wonder... The font is wrong and also just wondering why you purchased from footcandyshoes for $1650.00 when the Marcia was marked down 50% off at the department stores last month as well as JC boutiques & JC.Com? Both colors were on the 50% off sale:confused1:
  15. Shut up - I was at the webs and did not see them. Well I will have to return it if is not auth. - I was wondering too to take it to NM here in AZ or Saks and see if one of the SA could auth. Do you now if they can do that?