Marcia Cross Welcomes Twin Girls!!!!!

  1. EXCLUSIVE: Marcia Cross Welcomes Twin Girls!!!:heart:

    Marcia Cross Photo by: Juan Rico / Fame[​IMG]
    How's this for a double feature? Marcia Cross became a mom on Tuesday, welcoming fraternal twin daughters, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

    The girls, Eden and Savannah, who were born at a Los Angeles hospital, are the first children for the Desperate Housewives actress, 44, and her stockbroker husband Tom Mahoney, 49, who married in June 2006.

    "Mother and babies are all doing well," says Cross's rep, Heidi Slan.

    Cross had been on bed rest since January, but producers of her ABC hit brought production to her home for some scenes.

    Set designers painted Cross's bedroom the same color as her character Bree Van De Kamp's boudoir, and moved in furniture from the set. At the time, show creator Marc Cherry told PEOPLE that Cross was "bored out of her mind (in bed), so she said, 'Bring the camera here – I want to act.' "

    Her rep told the Associated Press that the bed rest was merely a "precautionary measure," and Cross herself said in December that she'd been having a problem-free pregnancy.

    [​IMG]"I am absolutely, 100 percent fine," she told TV's Extra, though she admitted: "It's hard to carry around all that weight. I wake up feeling like me and then I step on the ground and I'm like, whose body is that walking to the bathroom?"

    Still, she told PEOPLE in December that having babies later in life is "like a miracle ... I didn't think it would happen."
  2. Eden and Savannah! Those are pretty names!

    Eden is Hebrew and it means paradise.

    Savannah is Spanish and it means open plain.

    I can't wait to see a picture of the babies. (I wonder if they're going to have their mother's red hair?)
  3. She and her husband must be so happy!
  4. Great news !
  5. Ah that is great news, congrats to the proud parents!
  6. I like the name Eden but I'm kinda disappointed by Savannah. It's kind of blandly trendy where I live--not a horrid name or anything but kind of downmarket and played out. I sort of had higher hopes for Marcia in terms of picking some cool underused classic name.
    But congratulations to her and her husband--I"m glad everyone is doing well!
  7. wow... congrats to her and her husband! i think the names are adorable.
  8. that's wonderful news. i had our fourth and fifth children at 40 and 41-had our first at 24. makes our home so much fun and lively. i bet they'll be pampered princesses. congrats to them.
  9. awww... twins. Congrats to Marcia.
  10. wow... good news.... i love marcia. i hope i would be half her bauty when i'm 44!
    she looks great :yes:
    can't wait to see the pics of the baby twins
  11. Must be nice to have twin babies!!! Double the happyness!
  12. Wonderful news! Wish them all the best.
  13. Love the name Savannah - gorgeous!
  14. Great news :biggrin: and lovely names :smile:
  15. Good for her! I love twins. Hope babies and mom are healthly and happy. CUTE names!