Marcia Cross' husband is battling cancer

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  1. People Exclusive

    Marcia Cross's Husband Is Battling Cancer

    Originally posted Tuesday January 20, 2009 09:45 AM EST


    Marcia Cross's husband, stockbroker Tom Mahoney, has been diagnosed with cancer, PEOPLE exclusively confirms.

    "He is currently under treatment and is responding very well," the actress's rep Heidi Slan says.

    The two were married in June 2006, and have 23-month-old fraternal twin daughters, Eden and Savannah.

    Cross has credited her husband's love and support for her own happiness. "I think that beauty comes from being happy and connected to the people we love," the actress told PEOPLE shortly after they were engaged. "And his love makes me feel beautiful."

    No further details of Mahoney's condition were available.
  2. Here is a prayer for him! She just got married and had beautiful children. I hope all goes well for this family..
  3. Positive thoughts are in order for him! Such a new family.
  4. This is so sad. They seem so happy together. I hope he's gonna be just fine.
  5. Oh no...didn't she suffer through one of her other boyfriend's cancer too? My thoughts are with them both.
  6. Poor family......prayers.
  7. How terrible, hope he will be okay.
  8. It says he's responding well,I'm really hoping he goes all the way and gets truly well again,its just such a sad thing to happen to them.
  9. Very sad...
  10. This is such sad news. I hope he responds well to treatment and gets better.

    I'm a huge fan of Marcia Cross, my thoughts are with her family.
  11. oh gosh!!!! It seems everyone is touched by cancer lately :sad: My prayers are with him and his family. I hope he recovers and soon!
  12. That's such sad news! I hope he fully recovers.
  13. oh no! hope he will be alright and they just got married
  14. That is so sad! My thoughts are with them.
  15. I hope he recovers fully. Such sad news but as Marcia says, love makes you feel beautiful and love can make you feel strength. So I wish them the best.