Marchesa dress or BCBG? Help me pick! *modeling pic*

  1. Which dress is better? It's for formal ballroom party

    1. Marchesa Notte (it's 1 sz too big.. GRRR.. the SA told me the smallest they had was 2.. turns out they have 0 but I don't have the time to have it shipped to me). Is it noticably too big or no?

    2. BCBG

    - P

    just for fun I bought this drs along w/ the BCBG.. I'm not going to wear this for the party though.
  2. oo thats a hard choice..i love both, but the first one does look a little big on you..if you cant get a smaller size then wear the second one..either way, i dont think you could go wrong.
  3. The BCBG one is gorgeous!! I'd go with that one.
    The first looks a bit too long.
  4. i like both but i'd pick with #2, it looks more elegant and you won't run the risk of feeling uncomfortable because your dress is too big! they both look great on you though! :smile:
  5. thx ladies.. keep the input coming

    If I'm going with #1, I'll shorten it. Tmorrow I'm going to look for sz 0.. wish I can find it
  6. Love the BCBG! It looks amazing on you!
  7. BCBG all the way!
  8. I prefer BCBG one
  9. i actually like the first one more -- I hope you can find size 0!
  10. I like both, but the first one just a little bit more.. hope you can find the 0! :smile:
  11. BCBG hands down. Its stunning on you. :smile:
  12. I like the 2nd one, it just looks like it fits you better. White dresses are high maintanence though.
  13. Definitely the looks fantastic on you!
  14. Another vote for looks stunning on you!
  15. I prefer the BCBG. All of the layers on the Marchesa dress just seem a little unflattering. The BCBG shows off your great figure much better I think :smile: