March Purchases!!

  1. So, since today is March 1, figured I'd start off the month with my shiny new zoe! Photographed with the rest of my legacy stripe stuff.


    I'm using it as a makeup case inside my bag, this is what it holds:

    Hopefully the first of many more purchases to come :p Anyone else buy anything today??
  2. well...technically i paid for it in february, but i received it in march, so i think that counts, lol.

  3. I bought this today. My camera's batteries are dead so no real pic. This is my first Coach in a while since I am constantly broke (stupid pharmacy school). Got it at Dillard's 25% off plus an additional 30% off thanks to you gals letting us know about the sale. I have wanted this forever.
  4. UGH!

    "anotheremtysky" - I LOVE your Legacy stripe stuff
    "blackbutterfly" - that bag is GORGEOUS!!!
    "i_heart_coach" - the keyfob is ADORABLE! I wish we had a Dillard's up here in NJ.

    You gals are making want to SHOP... Think I may have to leave work early tomorrow. :graucho:

    Enjoy your new purchases!
  5. I got the patent gallery tote in mahogany at the boutique today. I havent figured out how to add pictures yet :confused1:
  6. aarti: love the zoe! I am not going to lust after another one of your purchases though.... nope... no way..... darn you aarti, you and your good taste! (you are to blame for my NEED to purchase a conversation hearts key fob!) :graucho:

    blackbutterfly: that tote is just gorgeous! I love it!

    i_heart_coach: I have that key fob and love it! It's so cute! You got a great deal on it too!

    uoflkim: The mahogany tote is so pretty! To attach pics go advanced and use the manage attachments feature. If you need more help do a search on posting pictures and you'll find all the helpful info you need!

    I tried to find an Ergo tote today to purchase at Macy's by phone but no luck! Be on the look out for me, gals! Anyone who sees an Ergo tote at their local Macy's, PM me!! Especially if it's in turquoise! :drool:

  7. Ditto!!

    My day completely sucked today so I'm sure I'm gonna engage in some Caoch retail therapy tomorrow.....
  8. oooh such great purchases!

    i cant decide what i want for march, but it will be something good since Feb = large carly.
  9. I went to the boutique and ordered the signature stripe mini skinny in punch. I went to Dillard's and Macy's and saw they both had it, but I want to make sure I get credit for it so am sticking with the boutique and will wait for it.
  10. i got thisssss today!!! Coach - MINI SIGNATURE DOG COLLAR WITH CHARM

    hehe i LOVE it but :sad: as i said in another post its tooooo big :sad:
    and i got a black wallet as a gift for my friends husbands bday (its the big 25!!!)

    man oh man i had to controll my self from buying more!!! I really want that huge straw bag that has all of the coach tags on it...its so FUNKY! but $600+? man gotta save up! hehe
  11. and opps i clicked the post reply tooooo quickly...i was gonna say HI!!!! :smile: im new to the coach section :smile: but i LOVEEEE your guys collections

    the bags and key fob are verrry very cute!!! CONGRATS on your new babies ;) hehe
  12. I ordered the emerald green patent leather coin purse today at the boutique.
  13. Well, I received the Carly in Khaki/Saddle from my husband for my birthday this past monday. So today I ordered the Legacy Stripe Wristlet which I for it to use as a makeup bag. I just need to decide on a wallet to go with my Carly! :yahoo:
  14. Today my bonus from work was deposited in my checking account...thank GOD it's raining cats and dogs and rhinos and hippos out...or I'd SOOOOOOO be at Coach on my lunch hour doing massive damage.

    Sooooo...maybe this weekend...

    (never thought of using my Zoe as a makeup bag...hmmm...anotheremptysky vbmenu_register("postmenu_2016492", true); - what bag do you have that in?)

    I didnt' realize the Ergo has legacy stripe lining...PRETTY!