*** March Purchases - Come show them off! ***

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  1. Awesome! I love the colour of the bag in all sorts of lighting XD

  2. Yay you're making me excited too!! Lol!! From the seller's pics it looks more like a red tone purple! Hahha

  3. Beautiful. Is this the Hazelnut with rose gold? I was considering this one because I love the made in NYC bags. The leather looks awesome.
  4. Yes it is.. And now I want another made in NYC. ;)

  5. I felt the same way when I purchased my first MAM. After some research I purchased rings from HardwareElf.com and now I love my MAM more than ever!

  6. Congrats, I love the silver hardware.
  7. @Amyrebecca Nice!! How did you attach the ring? Has it got like some opening?:confused1:

  8. Yes, it has an opening. I think it's called a spring gate ring. But once closed, it's hardly noticeable.
  9. Cool! Thanks for sharing~
  10. Hi guys! Bought my first RM, my first designer bag in fact! However, I ordered mine online at Bloomingdale's and when it arrived today, I was sad to see that it already has a pen mark right on the front, as well as some other marks on the back. I'm not sure if I want to return this bag, because I was so excited about it and paid $118 for it, but I'm still disappointed. What do you think? uploadfromtaptalk1395170729198.jpg
  11. The bad thing is I don't think pen will come off. So comes down to how good was the price and how much does the pen mark bother you?
    If you feel the price was equivalent to what you'd pay for a preloved bag and the pen mark isn't that noticeable, maybe keep it.
    If the mark really bothers you, return it.
    Was it sold it in this color? Wonder if you could call CS and ask if they have another one.
  12. I think that you should return or exchange it because it's damaged.
  13. That would bug me and I'm sure I'd return it. Is that the color nude?
  14. return it if you don't need to pay for shipping it back. i hate to receive returned items. sale is not a reason to send to customers returns with wears, tears or marks!
  15. It is indeed the nude color:smile: Thanks for all the input, I am leaning towards returning it. I just don't live near a Bloomingdale's which makes it a little harder. Hopefully they won't cause any problems.
    I called the store and they said they couldn't exchange it for another, since all the discounted RM bags are already sold out. So I might just ask for my money back (fingers crossed) and look for other sales or similar bags that are less expensive.
    I really had my heart set on this bag, however, and I'm pretty let down that Bloomingdale's would even sell me this bag without the slightest warning of marks on it. Live and learn, I suppose!