*** March Purchases - Come show them off! ***

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  1. I finally got to order my Wilson cross body which is the perfect bag or at least I hope. I had to sell my MBMJ Natasha P2M cross body on ebay last week because I realized just how heavy it was even with just a few items inside since it was 2 lbs on it's own. I loved this bag because of all the pockets and what sold me was the back pocket originally which the Wilson has also. I am hoping this is like a lighter weight version of what I thought was my HG. I am just hoping it's not super small. http://i.tfcdn.com/img2/iinNJkgAY9KVPcmQWFCQWJSaw5BRUlJgpa9fXl6uVwUUyy_WS87P1c_MTUxPLdav0jfSN9G31DcDYiN9IxNLM0sjS90CXaMKvayCdAA*/fvUG-v8A.B
  2. Officially this is a February purchase but since I'm an international customer, it takes a while even with priority mail. I just got this today from the post office during my lunch break. This is very pretty!! Got this from bonanza from a lovely tpf'er. My new to me Sailor Blue Mini Matinee. It has the grey and white stripes lining.


    And showing off the suede flaps

  3. It hasn't been long since I start looking at rm's bag but fall in love almost immediately, I just love the simplicity of their designs and the cute details. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394600289.960637.jpg
    So these are my new lovely ladies, a deep purple mam, a pink mini mac and a rosegold leather swing ! love them so much ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394600451.012899.jpg

  4. Lovely!!! You have all the bags that I want to own in near future haha! Love the swing especially!! It's so hard to try the colour I want these days
  5. thanks ! I love the rose gold swing most too, its not your everyday normal bag but its really pretty:yahoo: and I got it at a really lovely price as well:graucho: (£109 at brandalley flash sale), I couldn't decide which style to get and eventually I gave in and got them all:lol: I agree with you, its very hard to hunt down the colours you want these days, especially when u live in the uk like me
  6. I think your pink bag is actually a cupid. Is it a mini?
  7. Yeah sorry it's a mini cupid :P
  8. I just got this made in NYC mam a few days ago and am loving it! I bought it for the RG hardware but am in love with much more about the bag than just that- the leather quality, the lining (even though it's black which I normally don't like I love that it's canvas), the size of the bag is perfect and the fact that I can wear on my shoulder without the long strap!


  9. That's beautiful!,, can you take more pics? Congrats!
  10. Thanks pamperz, here are a few more pics..


  11. Beautiful!!
  12. I decided I needed a couple MACs, and was lucky enough to pick these up!

  13. My first RM bag :smile: Mab mini in plum. I'm a bit disappointed the strap can only be chained to the side of the bag. What happens to the hooks at the front and back then?


  14. Gorgeous!!! I just won a big on eBay for a plum mab mini too and I'm so excited for it!!! :biggrin: