*** March Purchases - Come show them off! ***

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  1. Gorgeous! Leather Honey is a magical potion... love that stuff. Congrats on your new MAB!
  2. nice!
    I know what you mean about bag being broken in. Softer the better.
    I don't know about leather honey. Where do you get it? Is it kind of a moisturizuer/conditioner?
    Like a do-it-yourself spa treatment for the bag?
    One of my best bags has yummy leather but it's fading a bit and might benefit from something like this.
    Is it better than Apple conditioner?

  3. I learned about it here (on tPF), and bought it on Amazon (Leather Honey). It has the consistency of honey -- rubs in to moisturize and waterproof -- and leaves my skin AND my bags feeling wonderful. I rub whatever is left on my hands into my feet - it works some magic there as well. Have not ever used Apple to compare - I tried the leather honey and have been so happy that I've stuck with it. It requires some caution with very light colored leathers as it can darken them. It has dried nicely on mine (back to original color) - but can look very uneven and downright scary until it dries (on a light-colored bag).
  4. Has anyone purchased any of the new "Made in NYC" bags?
  5. sounds interesting
    may have to get some
  6. I am loving the new lining too! :smile:
  7. I am liking the gunmetal hardware too! It isn't matte.
  8. #53 Mar 9, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2014
    I posted yesterday (with photo) in the other thread "Which RM bag are you wearing today?" about my Old School purple MAB that was brought back to life by Leather Honey. It was so faded when I got it, but after 3 coats, the color came through. I was supposed to take a 'before' picture but in my excitement to treat it I forgot.
  9. so would you still use Applegarde or Wilsons to repel stains/water on a new bag (esp light colored one), or would this product condition and also protect?
  10. I just purchased the medium MAB tote in coral on Shopbop. It was on sale for $178 so I couldn't pass it up because I've been wanting to add a Rebecca Minkoff piece to my collection for some time. I can't wait to get it, it's the perfect color for spring..

  11. OOOH do share some pics when it's here!!! :smile:

  12. Yes!! So happy that I managed to get the last one! :biggrin:
  13. Leather Honey is phenomenal. I have used it on every single Bag I own.

    A couple things of note though: It will darken your bags - usually it will "richen" the color up, but if you have a significantly light bag, expect that the shade will completely change. This will go back to normal over time. I personally loved all the richer shades it gives me. But if you are attached to a pale pink or what not, you may want to pass on using LH on those specifically, and only use on darker shades. Lots of Before/After photos all over the forums so you can see what I mean. If you do use it, and know it will darken your bag - you will love the results. Such a vibrant, rich and smooshy treated bag.

    It is just a conditioner, not a repeller/waterproofer.

    It does not work well on glazed bags. Depending on how broken in your bag is, it could completely repel the LH making you have to wipe up a mess. I know RM has several glazed colors, so just be careful.

    I just got my glazed espresso matinee that is practically brand new. It bugs me that I won't be able to use LH on it. I may try anyway. Love the stuff ;)