*** March Purchases - Come show them off! ***

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  1. Purple + Gunmetal= :loveeyes:
  2. Yaay! Hot red and Gunmetal!! I have yet to post my 5 zip in hot red and GM.
    Gorgeous my dear! :yahoo:
  3. #18 Mar 4, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2014
    My Minty Hudson Moto Mini arrived today from the Shopbop sale.

    Here is a comparision with a Tiffany box. The colour is almost there but not an exact. Tiffany's a wee bit more blue. But I love it all the same!!!

  4. So pretty! I'm bummed I missed this one. I've been wanting a Tiffany colored bag for ages (so much so that I even considered one of their bags...but they're ugly.)
  5. This is such a pretty colour! So clean and fresh and spring summer appropriate!
  6. Yes, I am starting to fall in love now. The purple and gunmetal looked Much better in brighter light :smile:
  7. Can anyone see the images that I've posted in the previous page? :sad:
  8. I can see both of them :smile: Love the 5 zip!
  9. That is a stunner!!!!
  10. I was debating on it and when I refreshed the page and it said only 2 pieces left, I went for it. Oh, please not Tiffany bags. For the price point they charge it is not worth for their designs. But let's put our good thoughts together for them to hit a winning design for a Tiffany & Co. bag!!! :idea:

  11. Awesome, thank you! I thought there's some problems with the image upload :biggrin:
  12. I found an image of a twilight sky cupid that has the pocket advertised on the back. I would love to see that color if anyone has it already and could post it. I am saving for my next purchase, which will def be another cupid, preferably in a purple/blue/teal color. :smile:
  13. I found a mini cupid in mahogany on sale on Neiman Marcus! I'm considering to either get the cupid first or a swing. However, haven't had my eye on any colour of the swing yet... Still waiting for a big sale!!
  14. My newest MAC in hunter green and MAB in deep navy (in comparison to the size of my 2 year-old Speedy B 25 Ebene).

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394028655.288716.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394028677.202972.jpg

    My other 2014 RM purchases......MAB grape and mini MABs in elephant and azure 😍


  15. Gorgeous!! Love all your colours for the MAB!!! :biggrin: