march pce

  1. i understand the pce staring on 16 feb is only for people who have never purchased from the coach boutiques but when is the regular pce in the month of march. any ideas?
  2. I have purchased many things from the boutiques as well as the outlet. I received the card today and I will get the one in March. The March one is usually around St Patricks Day. I think your proxcimity to the retail stores and the outlets also have something to do with whether or not you get them in the mail. I live within an hour from 2 retail stores that I frequent often and an outlet that I only go to 3x per year. I usually buy 2 or 3 coach bags a year from the full price retail store and maybe 1 or 2 at the outlet. As well as various accessories. I never get the coupon that the outlets send out for a discount with them. Do they even still do this? HTH