March Madness!!

Hi guys, this is a very off-topic post for PurseForum, but I'm totally hooked on March Madness, anyone else? Even though my loyalty is with the University of Illinois, I'm betting on Gonzaga as the big winner...hey, if I win the pool I entered, maybe I can afford a new purse! :biggrin: I'm already driving my boyfriend nuts with my constant chattering about NCAA basketball. He's not a big sports fan - I guess we break the gender stereotype there!
Me too! We turned on the TV here at work - it's supposed to be on CNBC, but for today and tomorrow we'll watch basketball!

I'm rooting for San Diego State (major underdogs) but nice to see them in the game! And I have Duke to take it all. Although I hate them...
Yess, another basketball fan! I love an underdog too, I've got a lot of confidence in Oral Roberts right now, but I'll root for San Diego State too for you :smile:
Well, I love to watch. I couldn't shoot a hoop to save my life though! But my hubby watches and plays religiously. He'll be at the San Diego Cox Arena games tonight!

Thanks for rooting for the Aztecs! They need all the luck they can get! :o)
March Madness is the BEST. I just love the "drama" and the college players. Something seems to happen between college and the NBA. It's like when they leave college, the ego multiples by factors of 10.