March Madness Has Begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! Maryland just beat Davidson!!!:yahoo:
    FEAR THE TURTLE!!!!:wlae:
  2. March Madness Has Begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know......sigh !!! :s
  3. So far I'm winning my bracket pool! But it's still early so I shouldn't get too excited. LOL
  4. Go, Boston College!

    (Stupid question, is Providence College in it? Because if they are, Go, Providence College!)
  5. I love college hoops. Watching right now!:yahoo:
  6. I have my bracket filled out too, only have missed one so far and that was BC.

    How ironic!
  7. Duke lost! Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  8. Welcome march.
  9. My bracket is already crap! I tend to try to create Cinderella stories... I love the underdogs!

    Oh well, gotta love March Madness!!
  10. Aww, I liked Duke, that was the only team that I predicted that I lost so far. BC and Georgetown won! YEAH!!! I love both of them!!!
  11. Suck my Duke!!!

  12. Gooooooooo IRISH!!!!!!!!!
  13. Winthrop beat ND! I love a good cinderella story!