March Madness: Forgotten Coach Bag Challenge

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  1. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go into that closet and carry a Coach bag that has been collecting dust. Well...not collecting dust because TPFers store our bags properly but you know what I mean. Bust out something old if you can. Then post here what you are carrying. As part of the challenge you can carry that bag all month or one week, then another the next week, however you want to do it. Pics if you want to

    I am wearing a shirt that hasn't fit me for 10 years which inspired me to find forgotten bag. Mine today is the super super limited quantities, Small Fuchsia Sophia!

    As a special treat, for those who remember, the bag in the background was the ones the Coach stores gave out during the Poppy launch

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  2. Good idea, I'm carrying my burgundy Cambridge hobo. I was too lazy to switch into the matching wallet however.
  3. Very pretty! i actually just saw one(same color & everything) at the grocery store last night.

    I have nothing to pull out, all my older Coach have gone to my one daughter. However i think your thread idea is great and look forward to what people find from their collections!
  4. I haven't used this purse in ages. Ali Legacy Shoulder Flap. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1457558222.298397.jpg
  5. This will be a good challenge for me since I gave up shopping for non-essential items for Lent. I'll be sure to post when I'm at home over the weekends. I'm interested in seeing the goodies others post, too. :smile:
  6. Such a pretty color, and a great idea..looking forward to seeing more bags!
  7. I guess I can show what I just switched out of yesterday. I used it for about a month but a new bag got me yesterday. I don't know if I can do a whole week since I want to get a few new ones soon. But here is Black Rory![​IMG]
  8. Madison hobo.

  9. I love the idea of this thread!
    I'm carrying my Vachetta Whipstitch Glam today. I decided to "dust" her off completely by coincidence. I came here and saw the thread. I'm going to carry my neglected girls for the next few months.
    Melissa, your Sophia is gorgeous! I just love that shade of pink. 1457563349033.jpg
  10. All lovely bags!

  11. That bag is gorgeous!

  12. This is STUNNING!!! Love it!!
  13. Thanks!
  14. Oh, this yummy photo makes me miss my Black Rory soooo much!!
  15. What a great idea! Lovely fuchsia bag, too!

    I love that bag, so beautiful!
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