March Bazaar

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  1. page 162 -giant brown kelly? and tons of Bottega Cabats! p230 a pink new style constance! and p184 red lacquer bangles!
  2. Any pics?^^

  3. i am trying but my camera is not complying
  4. This is the spring accessories issue you are talking about.
  5. Bazaar is by far my favorite fashion magazine. I must run out for this issue.
  6. Great issue! I tore out some pages, but missed page 162. Here are some others with Hermes...


  7. This was by far one of the best H issues. H scarf on pg 386,silver CDC on pg 458, necklace
    (not sure of name on pg 462.
  8. Thanks, sbelle!
  9. And my favorite Kate Moss on the cover ...
  10. Lovely yellow Roger Viver bag too ;)
  11. Ohh! Time to go to the bookstore!
  12. I agree! It's mine too....finally gave in & got a subscription!
  13. Thanks for sharing!!
  14. I am getting it! Thanks for the info