MARCH 2024 Chanel Purchases

I had a hard time deciding today...
These were my options:
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It was a close call between the Mini top handle and the Classic M/L.
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Both are a dream, both the lambskin and the caviar looked and felt perfect. Totally different from a few years ago!

In the end, it came down to price and what fits better in my collection. I already have a beautiful Classic M/L in light pink (22S), so this felt a bit too similar.
As I don't own a Mini top handle and only have one other Mini (lesage tweed from 23A) and a price difference of more than € 4.5 k (wtf....), I went with the Mini. I think it will go lovely with quite a few of my dresses, it's giving summer vibes. :love:

RTW was pretty scarce. And I am waiting for the Denim Mini.... :girlsigh:
What denim mini are you referring to?
Yeah it felt smaller, narrower than a WOC and doesn’t open as widely as a WOC. Even the SA who showed it to me commented that a WOC would be the next bigger bag
Thanks for your reply, as based on the pictures I've seen, I assumed it was larger than a WOC and similar to the size of the YSL Mini Lou, which is quite spacious.
nobody in my life will appreciate this, so sharing here

when this bag came out a couple of sesasons ago, I hunted around for it but only found the small version... I considered asking a personal shopper to find it, but since I wasn't 100% sure I would like the size, I let it go. It was 5200 euros at release.

Found one on VC for 3800, seller accepted an offer for 3500, but I asked for more pictures to understand the size and the seller didn't help. Whatever, I had to wait for my credit card limit to reset anyway... And I observed as the seller kept bringing the price down, by the time it was 3167 my limit was cleared and I purchased!

Very happy with it, my first patent leather chanel, and my roomiest so far I think, I'm really into mixing textures right now (shiny and matte, etc...). Still need to auth with zeko, waiting for my macro lens to arrive...
This bag is absolutely gorgeous. I love the mixing of textures. Especially when it is a Chanel bag. So special and fun.
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My new-to-me vintage mini in red lambskin! This bag has ticked off my ultimate Chanel holy grail and it has the added bonus of being (nearly) my birth year bag - 1989 vs. 1990!

Could not be more in love with it if I tried! 😍
I LOVE THIS. I just decided a few days ago I need this red bag after seeing it in black in my bfs moms possession. I think hers was a medium size. I didn’t know it came in mini ! I love the flatness of the quilting and of course the gold plating. So understated yet remarkable !
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