March 2 Qvc Dooney ?

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  1. Does anyone know anything about the tsv yet?
  2. Any news on this?
    Thank you!! Kc
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    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
    No actual news. But I just saw something on A343542, which is the Beacon wallet. The graphics don't permit me to paste the image or upload.
    Go to that listing on and look at the small thumbnail. I see a straw satchel. I don't know what that is, is something new. I also haven't seen that satchel on Not saying for sure, but....

    I went back again and saw that they added new colors such as pale blue, coral, ecru?,
    The idea is not that the wallet is the TSV. The wallet is an up-sell to the TSV and it might be a satchel modeled after the Beacon satchel. And that little thumbnail is a clue.
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  4. @starbucksqueen, could it be the Beacon Woven Dome Satchel? It comes in different colors too.
    The new Alto has a woven appearance as well, tho I don’t ever remember an Alto on QVC.
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  5. The satchel is unique! Thanks—good ideas :smile:.
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  6. Morning all!:smile:
    I'm sorry, I don't have an update on the TSV. But I checked the HSN program guide this morning and it looks like Dooney is going to be the Today's Special on HSN Sunday, March 31st! They're on at midnight Eastern Time, with six more shows throughout the day. It'll be very interesting to see what the TSV on the 2nd, and the TS on the 31st will be, especially since they're so close together.
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  7. Oh that is interesting!! Will be fun to watch.
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  8. Hi KC! :hugs:
    Yes it will! I was just about to edit my post to add the HSN program guide doesn't go to March 31st, but if you write Dooney in the "Search Program Guide" box you'll get the March 31st show schedule. :smile:
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  9. Thank you RN!
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  10. The woven (embossed) leather Beacon satchel is shown on the
    Dooney site in the Beacon collection. Fun, summer look, without the
    downside of straw. And the embossed leather won't show the same
    scratches as the plain matte Beacon leather. the woven embossed Beacon looks like it's also a coated leather.

    Same handle design as other Beacon satchels.... thin rolled handles with seaming on the outside.

    I love the look of the Beacon matte leather. I don't like the handle seaming design. Don't know if I will cave for a good sale. Don't love the stripped lining, but I can over look that. I think some of the pretty spring colors will wear away at my self control and I'll end up with a Beacon satchel one of these days... plain or woven. And thus, my handbag collection continues to grow. :smile:

  11. It really could. I had been working very hard on projects and my brain just wasn't at full speed. This makes an attractive TSV: popular silhouette, "springy" appearance, strap for crossbody and and a good price point. S249-$269, maybe?
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  12. What I wouldn’t do for a throwback Florentine leather bag of some kind that looks like the older quality that made me love Dooney!
    All the pretty colors Dooney had in their satchels.
    Let’s all hope!
    Going to check out the q number that’s listed here.
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  13. MJ: it would be great if Dooney brought back some of the old Flo colors. They used to have a rainbow of colors in the small Flo satchel on QVC.
    I'd love to see lavender and pale blues and some beautiful pinks along with
    a true yellow and coral and a pretty pastel green. I'd be happy if they just reissued the old colors, no need to tinker with them. :smile:
    Dooney seems to be releasing pastels in some of the other collections this year, so maybe there is hope for Flo too.
  14. Hi! You are so right! I’m sorry I didn’t buy some of those pleasant colors.
    I’m waiting for the spring lineup.
    I’m in pa. Now so the outlet here closed. I am so sad as I was used to Woodbury commons outlet being 30 minutes away.
    I miss the outlets. I like to see and feel and try on but no more.
    Still waiting for Qvc to show this March 2 tsv
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  15. MJ: nothing compares to an in person look and inspection of handbags. Dooney had a retail store near me that closed a few years ago. I shed a tear every time I go past the location. :sad: