Marcelle in Ivory at NM - $208!


Jan 6, 2006
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
I have a do you guys find these bags? When I look at NM I never see the sale bags or these obscure oldies. Are they in the sale section or do they just pop in and out to fast for me to see?


Apr 18, 2007
Hey Lexie, I think they just pop in and out of the sale section super fast. I had a lot of time on my hands last night so I checked the sale section, went to the list of designers and clicked on Kooba. All the Kooba bags on sale came up, along with the Sienna in desert for $208. It was on page 2. Within 20 minutes or so, they were sold out and it was gone. Later that evening, the Marcelle popped up but was gone within minutes. Then, early this morning, I checked in again and saw the Sienna was back, but in ivory. Within 15 minutes or so, it was gone too and the bag removed from the sale page.

I guess the key is to have the NM or BG sale page pulled up, and give it a refresh now and then.