Marc ZOE

  1. does anyone have this bag/seen irl?
    any opinions welcomed!
  2. If it's the bag that I think you're talking about (one that Scarlett Johansson used in Lost in Translation), I had one a few years back. It was brown with a tan suede lining. I LOVED the bag, but ultimately sold it on eBay since it closed with a magentic closure, and I like my bags to be "fully" closed.

    Great bag...pops up on eBay occassionally.
  3. There is one on ebay now. I was looking at it but I have never seen on IRL either.
  4. Is that one on ebay real? It looks, ahem, "well-loved," but pretty hott all the same. Mraow.
  5. I had emailed the seller a while back and never heard from her about the zippers or whether the leather had any scratches.
  6. am i talking about a different bag? its the satchel..
  7. its the logo leather zoe, i was thinking in yellow from the 2006 line?
  8. oh oops! Sorry wrong bag. No, I have not seen the yellow zoe. Sorry about that!!!