Marc what were you thinking?! Can this be fixed?

  1. I'm in Bloomies tonight, strolling around the bag department and I see this adorable mini skinny type of MJ. Its not the one with a piece of fabric and the little lock to the side, but its quilted, and has a faux clasp/lock whatever its called lol. I immediately ask for someone to take it out and even my phone fits!:yahoo: comfortably inside with a little wad of cash or my cash card. I totally disregard the 180 price tag on such a little beauty when I just spent over 400 on a bag for school. And then I pull out the key chain for the key.. I'm puzzled, the SA is laughing saying how stupid the designers were for doing this.. the key chain is stiched on the other side, so the keys can't dangle out, but have to stay on the ring inside. Which would mean I would not only loose space but it would scratch up my phone.

    Is there anyway for me to take it to say a cobbler to have the little keytag resewn onto the other side?
  2. Sounds like the bag (if you can call it that) is more for the bare, bare essentials (like, one credit card, one cash bill, and one lipstick) than for everyday stuff....maybe the keyring is for one key?! Depending on how it's stitched together (lining? material? etc) you could probably take it to a skilled shoe/bag repair person to either remove it or resew on the outside, but that seems like a lot of work. Can you just carry it w/o using the keyring?
  3. Yeah I could, I would just like to for that price, but if i remember correctly its attached with leather so maybe I could tie something to the leather to the key ring?
  4. Debating whether I should get this..