Marc + Pearl Jewelry - Closing Sale - 80% off Everything!! Plus Free items!

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  1. Some really, really pretty pieces....use code 80tweets for 80% off your entire order. PLUS if you spend $50 they will add in free stuff to your order!

    Site closes in a few days, and items are selling out fast!
  2. wow, some really cute stuff! i got three necklaces and two rings for $57! i hope i get good free stuff, although the sale should be enough... i am especially loving the starfish necklace i bought. :smile:
  3. omg amazing deals..ty for posting!

    be quick though because stuff disappeared from my order as I went through checkout :smile:
  4. Wow thanks!
  5. almost everything's sold out :/
  6. i've bought from them before. the items are actually of high quality and very pretty!
  7. Thanks!!!
  8. LOL! All four items disappeared from my shopping cart after I went back to remove the 5th item! Guess I was a bit slow and that it's a sign I need to stop shopping for things I absolutely don't need! Thanks for the post though...there were some cute things.
  9. I bought the Austin pendent for 14 bucks. Thanks!
  10. How sad! It went soooo fast.... there was still plenty to choose from at least there was some benefit to me staying up all night to write a paper! :roflmfao:
  11. Thanks! I just bought the Amanda ring!
  12. just ordered 6 more things.. only $59

    Still a good selection of rings/earrings in the mother of pearl.. marcasite stuff is almost all gone..

    Shipping is very reasonable $4 per order.
  13. I ordered 7 things for $76! I only wish I hadn't missed the marcasite items - but still great!
  14. Thanks!! I just ordered 2 really nice pendants and some awesome earrings!! $52 with shipping!!!
  15. Thanks! Picked up a marcasite ring! Wish I checked this thread earlier!