Marc, Marc, Marc.. are you running out of ideas?

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  1. If any ladies have been checking out the new items on elux, you would have already seen the new Marc Jacobs bags, but if not, here's a quick look.

    Here's the Bridgette:

    All I could see, when I saw this on Jessica Simpson's arm was.. oh hey, it's a Speedy with studs and tassels.

    Then there's the tote:

    And the only thought that was running through my head was.. hey, that's a sac plat with studs.. and tassels and a buckle.

    So what do you think, Marc Jacobs liberating ideas from the classic Vuitton shapes, or I'm just too LV obsessed and I just see it everywhere ? :shame:
  2. Since he's worked for LV so long, maybe he just can't help it?
  3. interesting... :blink:
  4. I find myself becoming less enamored with more recent Marc Jacobs bags...I saw the perforated bags this past weekend, and really hated them in person.
  5. Ick!
  6. Yes. I don't like these much either.
  7. I've been seeing those bags around at Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms. Can't put my finger on it but it doesn't appeal to me. :worried:
  8. Yeah problem is theres plenty of holes to stick ya finger in, This bag does not spell Marc Jacobs, more like Ann Taylor.
  9. I didnt notice the similarity until you pointed it out but I totally see it now. Nice observation!
  10. Every designer has hits and misses. I love the stam and the stella.
  11. As much as I love LV, I can't say I really like what Marc is doing with it. The buckles like the Koala clasp were cute on wallets and bags, but every time I see one, I can't help thinking that he just ran out of ideas and decided to borrow the buckle idea from his own eponymous line. For example, I think the Manhattan PM is ridiculously cute, but to me it resembles a Venetia. And the bags Ayla posted just shows that Marc Jacobs bags and Vuitton bags are becoming more and more similar, which to me is wrong because the two houses have entirely different histories.
  12. I'm not crazy about these bags either. But some of his other spring/summer bags are really gorgeous!
  13. Oh no!! Really??? I saw these bags yesterday and liked them alot!! Yikes, I had better get another look-see!!
  14. Uh, I, um, kinda like it.......:shame:
  15. Perhaps LV is influencing his own line ... but then again I have seen adverts for a couple of new ones - I know Uma Thurman has one - (not sure of the brand) that is a dead ringer for anything Chanel ... and I have recently seen a blue flap bag - again very Chanelesque.