Marc Jacobs

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  1. Hi! I'm new. I'm 16 and obsessed with marc jacobs and designer handbags! I just joined and wasn't sure where to post this... I just got a new MJ bag and thought I would share =)


  2. Beautiful bag, I too love MJ :love: ...thanks for sharing and welcome!
  3. Wonderful bag,I'm a big fan of MJ's :love: .
  4. i'm a big fan too!!!!!!love the Venetia!!
  5. Beautiful! and it's smiling!
  6. Really cute bag! Love the "smile!" I'm a recent "convert" to Marc Jacobs bags (have two and expect the collection to grow). They're so well made and the leather is wonderful.
  7. Me too! I'm a recent MJ convert. I also have two, but it's not enough. Thanks for sharing your cute bag!
  8. great mj bag! i'm really loving mj too, but i kinda prefer some of the older styles, though. not feeling the peforated...nor the quilted!
  9. Welcome the the forum! And, congrats on your new MJ!!!
  10. Great bag! Congrats!
  11. Beautiful!
  12. Welcome! And great bag!!! Hope you enjoy!!!
  13. great bag! Hope you really enjoy it!
  14. Wow, at 16?!! Lucky girl! Its a beautiful bag.
  15. i love your bag! i hoping to get my own very soon. how do you like your bag?