Marc Jacobs..

  1. after talking to my SA today...

    I just saw the Pharrel Ad.....

    I am starting to really dislike where Marc Jacobs is taking LV. In my opinon...its starting to loose its "timeless class", Yea I know there is monogram but the perm line every one can access no longer has its "ohhh" ahhh"..(not saying this is the only reason why I buy a bag but it shoudl still wow people when they see it not..especially anything 1500 and up). Its great an all that his new designs are crossing new boundaries and reaching out to different people who taste would've never loved LV if it wasn't for him collaborating with Murakami (example).

    Does anyone feel this way??? Dont get me wrong ..I love LV....I love SOME of their bags....I dont like where HE is taking LV. and I am NOT fond of some of his recent designs.....still at the end of the day...Im still a little girl in a candy shop whenever in the LV store.:flowers:
  2. Hmmm...well I agree with you that he's trying to reach out to others, so we do need to give him credit for broadening the LV empire. I also agree with you that some of his designs are kinda funky :weird: but I think it's good to try new stuff. I mean, the monogram multicolore has been a great success and I adore last year's panda collection...Everyone has different tastes so I say buy whatever your heart desires! Louis Vuitton bags will forever be classic! :biggrin:
  3. I agree, I can’t stand where MJ is taking LV, it’s too Hollywood and LA, let’s get back to models who are not well known who just look classy.

    I liked Uma but that was it. I didn’t even like seeing Gisele. Or whatever her name is.

    MJ is trying sooooo hard to tie LV into Hollywood but LV doesn’t need that.
  4. Agreed!!
  5. I agree, I still love LV, but it's just.. different.
  6. omg I agree with you 1000%!!! I don't understand why she's so "hot" in the modeling industry...
  7. While I think their choice of models is at times iffy (um, Naomi Campbell AGAIN and Pharell, a rapper, even though he's designed the Millionaire glasses?) I love the bags. There have been some lines I think I'll hate when I hear about them at first but ended up buying something from the line.
    And I also agree that it goes along the lines with what LVAddict said in an earlier post on another thread that LV is constantly finding new, hot lines which will make it harder for counterfeiters to reproduce exactly. For example, the new fringe bags have yet to have a comparable fake, thank goodness.
  8. Come on, Louis Vuitton was in an industrial mess before Marc Jacobs arrived. I only purchased the limited bags, Speedy Graffiti, Retro Cherry Blossom, Speedy cerises, Vienna Mizi and recently the Fringe Multicolor speedy. He brought to Louis Vuitton a re-invention of the monogram canvas and that's great.
  9. Agree!!!!:rochard:

  10. i love lv SINCE mj's in... it's the multicolore that struck me so bad. and every season he continues to surprise me. but i agreed on pharrel being on LV, it's just not an image i expect on lv. but i think he got a point, those bling bling rappers might be one of their best customers, and in term to attract more, he got to put one of the icon, and honestly pharrel is wayyy cooler than any other male rapper or r&b
  11. I don't see how a billion dollar a year producing company is an industrial mess.

    yes he did bring out some great things, but he tries too hard to bring his Hollywood friends in on the LV legacy. He just needs to design instead of trying to find his friends work.
  12. I def think LV is a timeless classic but he does add style to alot of the products which make us want to buy it. i do think that it sorta bothers me that he knocks off his marc jacobs bags and puts it in the LV line. Like the Venetia aka Manhattan PM/GM. For people who don't know MJ designs for LV, it just looks like LV is knocking off Marc Jacobs Bags.
  13. nycbagaddict, i totally agree with you!!

    While i love MJ's handbag line, it has bothered me that the Manhattan PM and GM are exact replicas of the MJ blake and venetia. It totally surprised me when i saw them. I love the Manhattan range, but i'm not so sure if i really want them in monogram. He should keep his designs separate.

    I do like what he has done with MC and think at some level, he has brought some diversification to LV.

    I remember there was a real "dry" time for LVs before MJ came into the picture. Now LV is a classic AND fun brand.
  14. seahorseinstripes...i totally agree with you!!! :yes:

    I believe MJ and his collaborations are catching the eyes of the younger generation/celebrities that were not or as intrested in LV prior to his start. He's bringing more diversity to his creations; therefore, attracting a wider range/melting pot of individuals...rather than in the past.

    FASHION should not DISCRIMINATE. I applaud LV for being open minded. This is why they have increased their sales tremendously and is the most well known universal symbol everywhere, IMO!!! :P
  15. LV will always be classic, but it is fun to see new spins with the line and there ads.