Marc Jacobs zippers for Stam

  1. Hi,
    I am new to the forum. I tried to look up this information in previous posts (sorry if this is redundant) but either missed it or didn't find anything.

    I know that at some point Stam bags had the suede interior and now is made with a canvas lining? At that same time did they switch from using Lampo zippers to the riri zippers? I heard from one seller on eBay that only the East/West bags had the Lampo zippers and the other Stam bag would have the riri zipper. But I've seen so many variations of the two, that I am totally confused. Anybody know? Thanks for you help! :yes:
  2. I really don't remember about East/West Stam but I think they should be using riri zippers and the linings are canvas. The early season Stams are using antiqued hardwares, suede linings, and Lampo zippers. The later season Stams are using shiny gold hardwares, canvas linings, and riri zippers, though some Resort'06 Stam like Putty was still lined with suede linings and using shiny gold hardwares. I know, you really have to pay attention to every season otherwise it will get so confusing :wtf: It still is!

    I hope this helps and good luck!
  3. Ah! Thanks for the info! I just bought a Blue Stam from Spring 07 collection off of eBay. I will post pics - I hope it is the real deal! :cry:
  4. If you post the auction link in the Authenticate This thread someone might be able to look at it for you. :smile: