Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch in Graphite

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  1. What would a reasonable sell price be for one that's been used 1x? I purchased it from Eluxury a while ago but haven't had the chance to use it much so I thought I'd find it a better home and I need to fund my Chanel bag:crybaby:Any advice on how much I should sell it for? :confused1:
  2. :drool: I'm in love with graphite!! :drool: It depends how many ZCs are listed at the time but I've generally seen soft calf ZCs selling in the $200-$250 range lately with popular colors selling for as much as $300. HTH!
  3. is it quilted or soft calf? i love graphite too and would love to add this zc to my collection - id look great with my fall 07 quilted grey venetia!
  4. soft calf :smile:
  5. *in love*
  6. :drool: :drool: :drool: Gorgeous color! Are you SURE you want to let her go??
  7. i have a feeling this is gonna go for a good price. this is a sought after color here. graphie is gorgeous and sold out in the boutiques.
  8. Yes I'm sure :smile: What would a good price be since it's sold out and a popular color?
  9. were you thinking of listing it as a BIN option? you can try listing it at a semi higher BIN with a "Best Offer" option. It also depends on how you market your listing. if you mention that this color is sold out and HTF that might work in you favor. of course, now that you hinted you might sell it on ebay, i'm sure plenty of tpf'ers will have it in their watchlists *AHEM*tuffcookie*AHEM*