Marc Jacobs wrote me on Myspace....!!!

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  1. He wrote me. He didnt respond to my message BUT he wrote me and it was amazing! He Made a message to me meaning he went on my page!! heheh. He said that the chihuahuas arent his the other dogs are and he thanks me for all the nice comments i wrote him!! Love Marc. He is such a sweet man! I LOVE HIM!!!! he made my day!
  2. Hmmm, wonder if it was really him?
  3. How cool is that!!
  4. i think his assistant answers his mail and whatnot- but it comes from a good place :smile:
  5. yay. he's awesome.

  6. Yeah, same here. When a "celebrity" writes back that usually is a huge warning flag for a fake account.
  7. I hope it was - that would be pretty cool!
  8. Actually it is him. Why would his boyfriend write on his myspace page if its not him?? Also he said he made one because his boyfriend is on there... the message he sent me was very short also... Trust me it was him.. I swear to god. and if its his assistant how do you know?? did they say it was? Its not...
  9. it was on its him... Why would perez lie? Perez never lies... Look at the pictures its him... Those are his Bull terriors. He sent me a short message i will show you gals later
  10. Perez Hilton has never been a pillar of journalistic credibility... but I do think that the page seems somewhat legit. I would also suspect his assistant would take care of it, especially since every time I've looked at his page (like 3 or 4 random clicks) it says he's "online." I imagine he's far too busy to spend that much time on myspace.
  11. haha. its true, perez hilton is not always the shining light of truth pghanbag.

    the page is really marc jacobs and it is administered by his personal assistant, who sent out an email explaining this and asking for certain hipsters and fashion editors to "friend him".

    hope this helps.
  12. it was him not his assistant here is what he wrote me

    The Chihuahuas aren't mine....Mine are the Bull Terriers....Thanks for your nice note...and comments! X, M.

    If this is not him why wouldnt he write more? if its his assistant they would write more.. my friends all wrote him and he never wrote back. Also he only goes on in the mornings.. trust me checking myspace is like checking emails... once you start your addicted.. he probably just checks it once a day with his emails. I know its him who wrote me because he directly wrote me... its about his dogs which he LOVES!!! he never answered my long message i wrote him before.... he just wrote me this because i said something about his chihuahuas. Its him i swear to god it is...
  13. :popcorn:
  14. You have to realize things you are pointing to as why you KNOW he was him doesn't prove anything. Maybe it was actually Marc Jacobs or maybe it was his assistant. Either way it doesn't matter and you'll never really know. Its cool regardless :smile:.
  15. ...
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