Marc Jacobs wallet

  1. Hi everyone...

    how much credit cards can you put in this wallet?

    And there is another model from MJ...

    Where can I find pics from inside of this wallets?

    Thanks so much for help.
  2. The link doesn't work for me.
  3. yeah it doesn't work for me either.....( ^ Hi e !!!)
  4. probaly eight.

    i have the zip clutch and it holds six, which is more than enough for me. you might consider it for a wallet since it's $100 less, and just as functional. i bought mine after losing my lv porte tresor wallet. now i realize that wallet was too chunky/old-fashioned for me in the first place.

    i LOVE my mj zip clutch and it looks so chic when you carry it alone to pop into a coffee shop or the bank.
  5. Canada's right about the Zip clutch. It is very functional and really nice. I sometimes double up my cards in each of the slots so it holds more than six.