Marc Jacobs wallet spotted at WW meeting! :)

  1. I was waiting for my WW meeting to begin tonight and a girl I had talked to a few times had her wallet was a M by MJ Special Items quilted bronze long wallet!! I said "Is that Marc Jacobs?" and we became best friends.

    Well, not really. But she told me that she got it during her trip to NYC. I don't think she is aware of how expensive his Collection stuff is because she said she almost got the change purse too but it was $18 and she couldn't spend that much on a change purse. :smile: I was going to show her my zip clutch but held back. There will be more time for MJ bonding at future meetings.

    The end.
  2. LOL that she couldn't spend $18 on a coin purse! I think you were definitely right in not showing her your ZC yet. You might have scared her off. MJ bonding needs to be done slowly and carefully with newbies. :p

    Cute story Dawn!!
  3. Everyone's gotta start somewhere! Those quilted MBMJ wallets are great gifts. I love running into fellow MJ lovers - although it's hardly ever!
  4. ww as in weight watchers? im a fellow weight watcher myself - ive lost 25 pounds since may! :biggrin: goodluck!
  5. Yep! Weight Watchers - and thanks Tuffcookie! :smile: Congrats to you - that's awesome!!
  6. congrats to you also :tup: