Marc Jacobs Wallet or LV? Please help!

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  1. From those two you posted, the MJ Zip Clutch. I've been exclusively using my quilted mouse zip clutch for the fall/winter of last year til present. I love the two pockets in the front, b/c I used on to fit in a key or two and I use the other pocket to fit in my hair pins and hair rubber band (or sometimes jewelry if I plan to change in middle of the day when I'm out. The compartment can't be organized any better. You can fit a regular pen in there and it still fits in fine.

    I eventually want to get a new long wallet and it'll be a LV Zippy organizer (which is more closer in organization to the zip clutch than the port tresor) as I really like my MJ zip clutch. OR, if BV comes out w/a beatiful woven detailed long wallet, I might get that instead. (oh so many choices!)

    I've dropped the MJ couple of times and there's no damage done and the color is cute enough to be worn alone.

    I don't think I've ever used one wallet for so long and that's how much I love it! HTH!
  2. I just voted on your other thread for the LV. Its gorgeous :love:
  3. I voted for the LV. I don't have a ZC, but I like wallets that can open all the way. Sorry MJ gods!
  4. I have the MJ-ZC in whiskey and I absolutely love it. The pockets are great and the leather is nice and soft. I am not too familiar with the LV, and the color is OK. I vote for the MJ. Good luck and let us know what you chose to keep!
  5. I['m going to say again ZC, but then again I may be biased because I'm sending payment on a canary!
  6. I :heart: the zip clutch!! Prior I had always had wallets in the french purse style, but I don't know if I will ever go back!! The ZC is so organized!! I feel alot more put together, if that makes sense!!

    I have it in two colors and will hopefully be getting a third soon!! That way I can change between bags, no matter the color or hardware!! ;) I guess you know what my vote is for!!
  7. depends on wheter you like the wallet to open up all the way or not, I personally do not even though I love the LV mat wallet. So i vote for MJ because it's a much more practical style for me and the outside is just as gorgeous as LV mat (I love both lines, so i'm not really biased:smile: ).
  8. I'm biased. I'm not crazy about logos and I think the ZC is gorgeous. I wouldn't get whiskey for the ZC though. I'd get a bright color. It hides in your bag so I don't think it needs to be practical or match. I think bright colored ZC's look like candy. And the best part is, when you need to reach for it, you'll have no trouble finding it! I'd have one only I got a gucci wallet as a birthday present.
  9. I say the LV. It seems more functional though the MJ is really cool looking
  10. I'm biased--I got the MJ clutch for my daughter-in-law (she hasn't opened the box yet, b-day is next week) and I really like it. Also, tho I love the LV Vernis, I'm not sure how the exterior would hold up--scratching, etc. and you use your wallet everyday.
  11. I love both MJ and LV and I at one time have owned both of those wallets. However, between those wallets, I voted for the zip clutch. It is so organized with all the useful compartments. I also just love the style. It is great for a clutch and a wallet.
  12. I voted for the MJ too.... def one of the best wallets I've ever owned.
  13. Go for the zip clutch!! I have it in black and it is the best wallet ever! The leather is gorgeous and it's lined in the prettiest suede, i definitely think you'd be getting more for your money.. and no logo so it would better match other bags!