marc jacobs vs. chanel

  1. Personally, I think both bags are beautiful. However, some people I know will NOT buy a MJ that is a basic replica of chanel (the quilting)

    what's your take on this girls? Does it bother you? Does it not?
  2. Well, yes there are some MJ bags that come with quilting but they are completely different than the quilting on Chanel bags. If you compare the quilted stam with a quilted Chanel bag, I think that you will see they are very different. Both, however, are beautiful in design.
  3. Chanel probably wasn't the first to use quilting and won't be the last!
  4. Totally different style/feel to these two brands. The only similarity is quilting in some of the bags. The gold chains are very different, too.
  5. I have never though of Marc Jacobs being a replica of Chanel. I do think Chanel quilted bags are nicer looking.
  6. if i like the style, i would still buy the MJ. the stam are very nice and very different from chanel
  7. I have quilted Chanel bags and quilted Marc Jacobs bags. They're totally different. To me, Marc Jacobs is a little more rock and roll and Chanel is more classic.
  8. to me chanel is not the be all end all on quilting just like bbags aren't the final word on tassels. had loads of people tell me my BE bag was a bbag knockoff just because it had tassels

    it is nearly impossible to create a 100% original idea in these times because we are constantly influenced by what we see. so i just buy what i like
  9. Even though some MJ's have the quilted style they are definitely very different imo. Just depends on your taste.
  10. I don't even think the quilting looks the same. I personally like Chanel more in terms of their style. I feel that Chanel (in general) is more classic than Marc Jacobs. I like MJ but I wouldn't buy it if it weren't on sale b/c I think many of the bags are overpriced and trendy.

    I really don't think the two compare in looks at all. The quilting is so totally different.
  11. I think the two brands are completely different. I like both. Chanel feels more classic and Marc Jacobs feels a little more casual but both are great brands.
  12. well said! my chanel bag are timeless, but i get more use out of my mj bags. it's more fitting to my style and i consider it more young. i bust out the chanel for dressier, more formal occasions.
  13. i hate chanel. i am probably the only person in the world but there you have it. i love love love mj though!!!
  14. I also like the Marc Jacobs and would buy it.

  15. Agreed!:tup:

    As far as I know, Chanel doesn't have a patent on quilted leather.:yes: