Marc Jacobs Vinyl Collection

  1. I was just shopping in the village tonight and walked by the Marc Jacobs store, saw signsin the window $28 $21... I ran in like, what's going on? Tons of vinyl stuff, quilted, for super low prices. Bizarre things, like camoflage fingerless gloves for $1, lipstick pens for $1.50, cute jewelry, and tons of vinyl accessories. I grabbed some. They said it is a limited edition collection. VERY shiny.
    P8170001.JPG P8170005.JPG P8170017.JPG P8170011.JPG P8170015.JPG
  2. I think those items look very fun! For those prices, I would have picked up several goodies too. Nice choices!
  3. Very cute! The wallets look very functional.... I need to stop by mine soon!
  4. Ooh, cute things! Just wanted to clarify...this was a marc by marc store and not a Collection store, right? Thanks!
  5. Oooo, shiny! I may have to make a trip soon. I've been looking for a metallic clutch.
  6. gotta love MJ's special items!
  7. Hmmmm...might be heading to NYC this weekend...
  8. It was the Marc Jacobs store on 385 Bleeker St 212-924-6126, had some in black, silver, purple, beige. The wallet is $28- no place for coins though so you need the coin purse too!
  9. ^^I was just there tonight! I bought 3 shirts for myself, one for my brother, teh lipstick pen, london dinosaur canvas tote, the key necklace, i love you necklace, and like you i fell pray to the quilted wallets, the compact snap one. THere opening another marc store on the street as well!
  10. ^^Awww, the London dinosaur tote sounds too cute!
  11. oh boy, i will go check those out! thanks for posting!!!
  12. I really like it! :heart:
  13. ahhh i love the MBMJ store in sf!! there are so many cute affordable things, so much so that i didn't know what to buy lol. i ended up getting these:
    patent quilted black wristlet $22
    patent quilted metallic green coin purse $18
    gold heart mirrored compact $5 :nuts:
    lipstick pen $1.50
    metallic green key fob $5
    marc jacobs necklace $10 (love that pendant!)

    thank you duranie70 for enabling me! i love my lil haul!
  14. Oh my goodness ichelle, those items are too darn cute! I can't believe that mirror was only $5!! I want one!
  15. thank you :smile: i just wanted to walk out with everything in that store lol. i swear i think i will go back tomorrow. they had so many cute colors in the quilted clutch, at least a dozen solids and a dozen metallics. plus there's the zipped wallet that duranie70 bought, which comes in so many colors too. then the coin purses...agh!!! so many choices! i wanted to buy some marc jacobs flip flops for $11 but i was too lazy to sift through the bins for my size. i was too busy contemplating on deciding on clutch colors hehe. in the end i went the safest route and chose basic black. i took it out to dinner w/me tonight in fact. it's a joy to wear!

    the mirror comes in gold and silver and also comes in a peach seashell style. i still can't believe they're all only $5. i can imagine christmas shopping here. there is so much to buy!! it is such a fun store! i'll be back!!!! :biggrin: