Marc Jacobs versus Nanette Lepore


Which coat do you like more?

  1. Coat #1 by Marc Jacobs

  2. Coat #2 by Nanette Lepore

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  1. Which coat do you like more?


  2. Both are great, but I think the MJ design is more timeless.
  3. i love nanette lepore so i vote for coat numeber 2
  4. MJ. The 2nd one is like a dress!
  5. MJ all the way. Dior24 was right, it looks like a dress!
  6. the #1 is far more durable to me...
  7. Marc Jacobs.

    I own a ridiculous amount of Nanette Lepore clothing, but Marc Jacobs wins on this one. I've seen the black NL coat in person and in multiple colors, but something about the coat just doesn't work. It's made out of a very soft and luxe knit material, which feels nice, but doesn't give the coat any structure. The material works for her suits, but I don't think it would wear well on a coat.
  8. I like NL best,:heart: its unique shape makes it interesting and less traditional, versatile enough to wear it as a coat and as a dress with nice knee length boots.
    Love it, plus NL quality is way better than MJ, boy..I know this:yes:
  9. I actually had my eyes on the NL one.. I love it..
  10. Unless you have a perfect physique (god knows I don't!), MJ is hands-down the winner. The Lepore looks very form fitting and like it would show any imperfections you may have. The MJ looks more "relaxed" and could work for the days when you feel like a million bucks or those days where you just feel "big". KWIM?
  11. Is Nanette Lepore a man or a woman?
  12. Nanette Lepore really is a woman.

    Here's her picture.

  13. the nanette lepore is definitely cute but it looks so much like a dress! marc jacobs hand down. it's gorgeous.
  14. You've all got me convinced. I ordered the Marc Jacobs. Hopefully, it'll fit me when it arrives.
  15. Great choice!! Please post pics when you get it!