Marc Jacobs Venetias

  1. Hi everyone.

    I recently posted a thread in the "Authenticate this" forum about a MJ Venetia which WAS fake. I am still looking for a good deal.

    I have found a couple of authorized sellers I am thinking about purchasing from, but my question is this:

    Is there only ONE size for these bags? The majority I see are 14x9x5 (on eBay), but when I look on the official MJ site and other retailers, the size is 16x12x5. So, are the smaller versions just replicates?

    Thanks to all who reply!
  2. I´m sorry I can´t help you with the size ( I think there is only one size) but the Venetia is one hot bag! I don´t buy designer on Ebay at all anymore.
  3. There has only ever been one size for the Venetia, it is a large bag. The smaller bags you are seeing are likely to be fakes.
  4. Thank you both very much.
    That's really suprising. So many places are selling the smaller version.

    Do the Quilted Venetias only come in the large size also?
  5. I think there was a mini-Venetia made a few years ago, but it was MUCH smaller than 14"
  6. I emailed the company. There is only one size.
    Thank everyone for your help!
  7. Keen is right...there was a limited edition mini-venetia that cost about $695 or 795 a few seasons back (came in black and a light pink color). Other than that, Venetias only come in one size.
  8. I have a baby Venetia that was a limited edition release from a couple years back. That came in black and berry. Other than that, Venetia only came in 1 size.
  9. Yes, I have the mini venetia in pink. It is very small without the strap that wraps from the front and back.
  10. I'm certain that it's more than 14" across (my absolute size limit on bags), Venetia is a big bag (for me at least). =)
  11. I am about to pay for a Venetia in Berry I found on ebay that has been authenticated the only thing that confuses me is the size, it is 14 x 9 and I thought they were bigger than that unless it is the mini size, does anyone know how big that was? pleas ehlp!
  12. Perhaps they measured it wrong?
  13. What's all the fuss about venetias now? :wtf: Hmm...I think it's bigger than 14 but I'm terrible at math, haha... I have one at home. I'll try to measure it tonight and post it if anyone hasn't come up with the measurement yet.
  14. Ok measured mine and it's 15 x 9, measured across the edge of the bottom of the bag and up middle to the zip, hope this helps