Marc Jacobs Venetia Satchel $700 at Bloomies

  1. Ooh, I like this! Thanks for posting!

    Does anyone have an additional disc/shipping code?:shame:
  2. great bag, and great size. I use mine alot :smile:
  3. There's another one at NAP. Ooh, I wish I had money, I like this one more! :crybaby:
    bk.jpg fr.jpg
  4. I love it. but can you open the top zipper without messing with that buckle/strap??
  5. It looks like you have to unbuckle the strap to open the zipper. :wonderingSo pretty though!
  6. ^^ You can leave the strap unbuckled and just slide it through the little loop. I have a coach daphne that has a similar buckle, and I just leave it undone because it is a pain!
  7. This is so tempting...:Push: