Marc Jacobs V. Marc by Marc

  1. It is a blizzard out and I am board. I want to see if you love MJ or MBMJ better? I personally love MBMJ because of the funkiness. It seems like it has more personality. Anyone else? No right answer.
  2. I love them both, but have to say I love the collection bags much more. I haven't bought a MbMJ since I bought my 2nd collection bag.
  3. i definitely prefer mj by far.

  4. second this! :biggrin:
  5. ^ I third that as well. However, there are some MBMJ pieces that catch my eye.
  6. MJ Collection. :yes:
  7. I apparantly need to get a nice MJ bag. I didnt like the satchel I had. this is interesting.
  8. For me it's been a progression. At first I liked and bought the MBMJ bags but as my personal style got more sophisticated I have begun to prefer the collection bags more.
  9. I like them both equally. I have more MJ collection bags than MbMJ, but I carry the MbMJ more. Probably because, as a stay at home mom, my life style is super casual and I think the MbMJ is more casual and fits better w/ what I'm wearing and doing.

  10. I think you hit the nail on the head. I am always in sweats and jeans as a mom. I think bags like the MJ stam are gorgoeus and yes sophisticated like another member said. I would love to me sophisticated, but my kids are too young. I am always impressed by some moms though who always look put together. That just isnt me. I still have diapers in my mbm bags.
  11. MJ for sure. Because of their elegance and individuality and wonderful leathers and no real screamy logos and the "made in Italy" part and the chunky zippers and the beautiful quilting and patchworking or just the overall feel of the design, the bag shape, the chains or the straps or the handles... man, I could go on for a long time, I guess.

    Because nothing makes me feel as tall and sexy and confident and kicky as wearing an MJ Collection bag, truly nothing.
  12. ^ selmom said it beautifully and I totally agree! :ghi5:

    Plus I have to say that I am just as likely to carry a stam wearing sweats as wearing something more formal!! (and I bet you could fit a couple of disposable diapers in there too!! lol)
  13. as much as certain MBMJ styles grab my attention, i always seem to end up disappointed in them for one reason or another...MJ collection bags have my heart. and if you manage to score a gently used one on *bay, they cost the same or even less than a MBMJ at retail...and the quality and timeless style is so much better IMHO...
  14. I agree that some MJ bags--like the stam and memphis bags--look out of place dressed down, but I think the classic bags are completely versatile, especially the ones in fun colors. I recently saw a woman wearing an emerald Blake with jeans and a fleece at a bar after a baseball game, and she looked fantastic. I love MBMJ bags, but you can't beat the collection bags for quality and durability!

  15. I may have to try it!:graucho: