Marc Jacobs tote on sale at shopbop $234

  1. Gone! Which one was it?
  2. it says totally turnlock shopper when i put my mouse over the url
    but yea gone
  3. ooo thats pretty ugh no more nice bags haha!
  4. Hey all,
    Here's the pix of the maria bonita I have in my cart since it's no longer showing available on the website.
    maria2001016534_prod_zoom_front.jpg maria2001016534_prod_zoom_detail.jpg maria2001016534_prod_zoom_back.jpg maria2001016534_prod_zoom_lookbk.jpg
  5. Thanks for looking out Sango! But i'm going to wait now. I've bought WAY too many bags... and I am not buying another bag until I get my hands on a Rebecca Minkoff.

    I want three bags from RM, and hopefully I can control myself to not buy anything else till I get them.:push:
  6. Uhm, I sorta bought it anyway. haha. I can't believe how many bags I've purchased this week. OMG I need to seek help!
  7. :lol::lol::lol:

    haha- and you blamed me for your binging :nogood::nogood:

    I hope its really GRAY and not another shade of "BROWN"...

    Post pics when you get it!

  8. Oh I still do! Somehow this has to still be your fault b/c it cannot be mine!!! I'll post pix of my whole new bag family once I get them. You'll have to do the same.
  9. I will! I lost three of the Kale bags- I sent the Coal back to them, and then cancelled the order for the other two because it still hadn't shipped out 2 weeks later...But i still have gotten quite a lot of bags.. who knows- you probably outdid me:graucho:

    I'm just trying to be good and quit buying other bags that i don't absolutely LOVE so i can go for my RM's.
  10. OMG what colour was it?!
  11. The maria bonita? It's the grey above. Those are the actual pictures that were on the site. Not bad, huh?
  12. sango, that's adorable!
  13. No sorry, I was asking about the MJ.