Marc Jacobs The Kid

  1. Does anyone know the colors that are available in The Kid? I was at Nordstroms in Chicago and they had the Venetia and a few other styles in beige. Loved the color and am wondering what other MJ bags come in beige. Thanks for your help.
  2. It was available is a mustard/tan color but I believe that is sold out. I've seen it in black, plum and the gold was available at eLuxury. I'd love a nude or beige....that would be gorgeous!! Or a deep blue....
  3. ^^I remember the same colors: black, plum, yellow and the Eluxury's exclusive gold. Here's a pic of the mustard yellow one:

  4. I saw the mustard yellow one, yesterday at Nordstroms, Tyson's Corner, VA.
  5. Thank you.
  6. i saw the mustard yellow one at the Nordstrom's at santa anita mall in arcadia, CA on friday morning...

    happy shopping! :yes: