Marc Jacobs Teri? Or Kate Spade Mallie?

  1. I fell in love with both of these at Nordies the other day. NEITHER serve the purpose I feel I need (something easily hidden) but they are both to die for.

    Since I can't seem to find what I actually need already made (I guess I need to find a custom leathermaker!!!) I should just get something I want and perhaps insure it? Can you insure a $400 handbag?

    Why can't Nordstrom sell Balenciaga! That would solve most of my issues ;) I think that's deep down what I want...but I have Nordstrom G/C and that's what's funding this.
  2. Nordstrom Arden Fair (Sacramento) sells Balenciaga, maybe you can call them up and see what they have?
  3. What bags are you talking about? Any pictures?
  4. MJ Teri:

    I have no idea what the Mallie is, but I think the Teri is cute. The turnlock line is really nice.
  5. Between the two brands, I would go with MJ. MJ bags are much better made than KS in my opinion.
  6. I think you should go for the MBMJ. IMO, Kate Spade bags pale in comparison to MBMJ in terms of quality, and the Teri bag is awesome for organization and is made of great leather.

    I dont understand your quote above about "something easily hidden" you want to hide something in your bag or hide the bag itself?
  7. The bag itself as far as in the winter. I work in a garbage part of town where purse snatchings and muggings happen pretty often (like at least 2 times a week). I wanted something I could either wear crossbody or under my arm that would fit ok under my coat without looking like I have a hump or something. But since I have found nothing that fits that bill that isn't butt ugly or tiny I am kind of abandoning the quest and might just get something I actually like.

    The MJ Teri (shown above in RED!!! which I want) seems like it would do it though I am not a big fan of the "three compartment" thing going on.

    Thanks for the heads up on Balenciaga at that particular Nordies...If I get another G/C from my SIL for Xmas (she's sending the gifts today I think she said) then I might jump on that...well one of the above anyway. Id think a twiggy or a First/City or Day or something would fit nicely under my coat with stuff in it since they appear to squish well.