marc jacobs sweet punk bags

  1. anyone know where i can find one of these studded bags from this past season, spring/summer 07?
  2. I read in the Deals and Steals section that Fred Segal in Santa Monica is having a 50% off sale and someone spotted Sweet Punk bags. Maybe you can give them a call tomorrow and see what they have?
  3. I don't think they ship, but when I was there, they had the black Sid($2450) and the bisque and white hobo($1800). These were all half off.
  4. and re: fred segal...all sales are final. keep that in mind, and the fact that these bags are pretty heavy.
  5. oooh. half off- good luck!
  6. wowee, half off?? great deal! :yes: gorgeous bags, but after lifting thithi's sweet punk sid for a couple seconds, i knew it wasn't for me. :push: heehee...but it sure does give you a good arm workout! :p
  7. i got the sid from fred segal- i should get it today or tmw. and no tax! i'm not using it for everyday, just to go out, etc. thanks to diagablebeatz and thi thi for the tips! (if it's too heavy, look on eBay for it, lol):smile:
  8. you're welcome, zooey! i hope you love it! post pics when you get it.
  9. yay! awesome, we're bag sisters. I love this bag!!
  10. if you post the sweet punk on ebay...LET ME KNOW!!! :yes:
  11. I will definitely let you know if i put it on ebay. :smile: didn't come today, probably get it on monday.
  12. a part of me hopes that you totally love it and want to keep it, but another part of me hopes that you think its too heavy and want to see it. hah :supacool:
  13. congrats! i've always thought the sweet punk bags looked so edgy and rock 'n' roll. i would love to get one, but considering my style is pretty classic, i think i'd look silly trying to pull it off with argyle sweaters and tweed blazers. i hope you like it, and even if you don't, it sounds like you have someone who would be willing to take it off your hands! be forewarned though that even if you find it heavy, you might altogether dismiss it as a concern once you see how gorgeous the bag is irl. i never thought i would be one to sacrifice comfort for fashion, and here i am on my seventh mj bag, none of which are very light! :upsidedown:

  14. SELL, not see. hours later, i noticed my spelling mistake! :smile:
  15. I got it and it is gorgeous!!!! I think I may put it on ebay though, because I overspent this month (and it's only started!) and I need the money back:sad: I am not sure how to list it (reserve or no reserve) . So it may take awhile. If you want first dibs on it let me know.